We provide ASRS solutions with integrated barcode & RFID systems. They can be used for variety of applications. One such application is the storage and retrieval of high value components which can be delivered in sequence for assembly operations. This will eliminate manual errors where the number of options is high and confusing for the operator.

Another application is pick and place systems to pick and deliver components for order fulfilment. A high numbers of SKU’s can be stored and these systems can be built in modular fashion with provision for future expansion. The items can be stored in bins randomly and retrieved as per the order. For loose parts operators can pick up the components from the bin and place into boxes for shipping.

We have currently implemented ASRS systems in sophisticated food vending machines where bar coded food trays are randomly stored and retrieved using pick and place mechanisms. We use a combination of toothed belt drives, servos, steppers & DC motors to achieve high speeds and smooth transfer of trays.

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These systems can also be used in wholesale pharmacy distribution warehouses which fulfill the order requirements of local pharmacies. Boxes and medicine strips can be picked and placed according to the order. Using a combination of RFID and barcode systems, even the process of billing can be fully automated. This improves the accuracy of the order and reduces the dependency on labour. The system can also be run on multiple shifts with minimal maintenance staff to fulfil more orders with reduced warehouse space.

For these systems, the customized back end computer system remembers the location of each and every bin or tray. These locations are efficiently managed by the system depending on usage. The inventory is live and historical data becomes readily available for inventory optimization.

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