After the automotive segment, robots have the highest presence in the FMCG sector. This includes packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, candies, dry goods and other consumables. These goods are produced in high volumes and require primary, secondary and tertiary packaging at various stages of production. These operations are non-skilled and repetitive. This is where robots are a perfect fit. Also in recent, the FMCG sector has recorded the highest growth in the usage of robots. Robots are only a small part of packaging solutions. 

The sucess of a packaging soutions depends on the use of a variety of equipment such as 


Vision systems


Transfer, merging and sorting conveyors


Pallet transfer conveyorsand other accessories


Primary Packaging

Food grade robots that can withstand high humidity and washdown are ideally suited for primary packaging applications where unpackaged food needs to be picked and placed to wrappers. These robots typically come with advanced vision based software to eliminate the complex programming.

Our specializations includes:

  • Bottle descrambling
  • Picking and packaging of food products
  • Sorting

Secondary Packaging

Almost all goods need to be packaged into shipping cases for retail sale. Robots can precisely handle multiple SKU’s and changeover times are also quick.

Our applications include:

  • Oil can packaging
  • Display box packaging to shipping cases

Tertiary Packaging

Shipping cases need to be palletized for transportation to wholesalers and retailers. We offer both individual line and centralized flexible palletizing solutions.

Our solutions include:

  • Palletizing of rice, cement, grains and pellets
  • Beverage palletizing
  • Carton palletizig

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