7th axis systems are used to extend the reach of a standard robot. 7th axis system can be provided using

Rack and pinion systems

For medium to high speed applications with medium to high precision. Typical applications include material handling, welding & machine Tending (CNC & Presses)

Toothed belt drive units

For high speed applications with low to medium precision. Typical applications include painting & material handling. Toothed belt units can be provided at a lower cost compared to rack & pinion systems.

For applications such as CNC Machine tending, a single robot can be used to tend to 3 or 4 machines when the machining cycle time is more than 2 minutes per component.

For welding, the welding cell can be split up into two safety cells. While the robot is welding in the 1st cell, the operator can be loading and unloading components to fixtures in the 2nd cell & vice versa. This provides maximum utilization of the robot, while allowing the operator to safely load and unload components. This type of set-up provides better ROI as robotic welding cells are expensive and maximum utilization of the equipment is necessary.

The 7th axis systems are fully integrated with the Robot Controller and act as an extended axis, Making Programming Easy

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